Zoomd helps you scale
your mobile app user acquisition
with premium social channels and more!

Instantly connect to Google, TikTok, Snap and multiple ad networks all from a single platform.
Whether you're a brand, ad agency, or an independent app developer -
you can get more app downloads by reaching quality users easily, all while reducing costs.

Here's how Zoomd
can help you scale

90% Global reach-
at the tip of your fingers

600 media sources,
including Google UAC,
TikTok, Snap, premium ad networks,
all in a single self serve dashboard

Make our AI work for you -
from the 1st second

Make smarter decisions
from the get-go with our unique
automated prediction and
recommendation algorithms.


Forget about paying for reach -
set the business model that
works for you,
with the best ROI

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Who we are

Founded in 2012, by technology and marketing entrepreneurs,
today Zoomd is a publicly-traded company on the TSXV (TSXV:ZOMD)
working with clients in more than 70 countries, serving more than 3,000
campaigns daily all over the world.

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