Skipper, Be the Captain of your UA Campaigns.

Meet Skipper, your go-to platform for masterful mobile UA management. Be the Captain of your user acquisition campaigns & watch your App make a splash in the UA ocean.

Skipper, a high-end self-serve product by Zoomd (TSXV: ZOMD) - an award- winning MarTech company that is also home to numerous innovative tech products.

Skipper, powered by machine learning and AI proficiencies, was created by a talented team of campaign managers for campaign managers to make the UA journey become smooth sailing.

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Start Growing with Skipper
Adjust your sails and watch your ships come in.
Let Skipper do the work for you

One centralized dashboard
to control all cross-channel UA focused campaigns
KPI Tracking
for setting and achieving your business goals
Budget Allocation
to help you navigate your budget wisely between channels
Best-performing creatives
to get real-time performance insights of your running creatives, across all channels
App Store & Google play Insights
to help you know your competition better
Automation Center
where you set up your own rules to optimize your campaigns automatically
Immediate Setup
Real-time Data Insights
Full SKAdNetwork support
Simple Audience Management
Significantly Timesaving
Full Clarity
Make smart decisions every. single. time.
Skipper may be the Master, but You are the Captain.

Skipper. By Zoomd

20+ premium Data and Media integrations to run your campaigns on

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